Restaurant Review Samples

Will Write for Food!

I’ve written hundreds of restaurant reviews, from back-street Greek tavernas to some of the best restaurants in the world, like Alain Ducasse in Paris. Many of the reviews have been short ones tucked away in guidebooks, but on the drop-down Restaurant Reviews menu bar you’ll soon find a few sample full-length reviews that have appeared in print and on websites.

I have always been interested in food as an important part of travel, so much so that I created the ‘Time for Food’ travel guide series for Thomas Cook. The idea was a brainwave when I was walking round Venice carrying a guidebook, a map, and a phrase book with a menu reader in it. This was before the days of smartphones, and I suddenly thought that what I needed was a pocket guidebook that had everything food-related in it. Thomas Cook bought the idea and I wrote ‘Time for Food’ guides to Amsterdam, Paris (right), and – of course – Venice.

Here are three sample restaurant reviews I’ve done for websites:
London: MOC Kitchen
Monte Carlo: The Argentin Grill
New York: The Bailey

If you’re interested in getting a restaurant reviewed on one of our websites, get in touch. You’ll find my email address on the Contact page.